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Get this awesome leather-looking like adjustable ukulele strap. Design and functionality all in one, your ukulele will never fall again. Provides maximum comfort for standing situations. This adjustable ukulele Strap which comes in two different colors that are black and tan. This strap is very easy to operate with, just strap this unit with the hooks on the ends to the sound hole, and you're set!


This strap is perfect for you if you want a luxury looking guitar strap, you will definitely stand out from the crowd. Most of your friends may have a fender style strap, but chances are that they don't have something like this.


Looking for an adjustable ukulele strap that will last you for the long-term? Then this is your solution, as it has been built to last for years on end while maintaining its great look.


Receive a FREE set of Ukulele string with this adjustable ukulele strap!



Strap thickness: Approx 0.3cm

Attachment method: Hook (Attach to the sound hole)

Material: Nylon and leather

Adjustable Length: Approx 50cm - 140cm        


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