Mini Portable Guitar Amp

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The Perfect Portable Amp

Perfect For Busking

Looking to play some side gigs but don't want to pay for expensive gear? This amp is perfect for that!

Play Without Complaints

Are lame neighbors making complaints? While this amp is powerful for its size, it's also great for keeping the noise down!

Lighter Than A Mobile

Forget about back pain and the tediousness of carrying equipment around!

Battery Powered

While you can use a power cord you can also use this amp with a 9V battery.


Check out our amp for yourself before ordering! Bare in mind that real life results will sound much better than that of a video!

Mini Portable Guitar Amp

Guitarists from all around the world praise the mini amp for its fantastic sound and feel, and great value.


Little Yet Loud!, TheMusicGig's powerful yet always tone-filled 5-Watt output, makes this amp perfect for home practice, backstage warm-up and recording. Not only perfect for home practice, but this amp is great for traveling. Can't stand not having your guitar with you? This is perfect for all scenarios!

    What Makes This Amp Great?

     Ultra-light : Weighs less than a stapler 

    • Carry it with you anywhere and everywhere 

    • Keep the neighbors happy 

    • A great gift for your guitar loving friends 

    Do you hate to constantly be picking up and packing away your gear? With this amp, that hassle is gone. With a clip-on system, you can always have your amp attached to you making it very portable. 

    Want to practice late at night without your lame neighbors knocking on your door? No problem! Just plug your headphones into the Headphone/Line Out jack and your sleeping neighbors won't hear a thing because using this jack automatically mutes the amps speaker! 


    • Weight: 323 grams 

    • Power: 9V battery or 9V DC adapter is required to operate the amp (Not included with amp)

    • Colour: Black

    • Height: 125mm

    • Width: 123mm

    • Thickness: 60mm

    Shipping time: 13-22 Days 

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) shipping may be delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

    All of our products are dispatched within 3 business days, but during peak times such as holiday seasons and public holidays, this may be delayed slightly. 

    Most of our items shipped to all parts of Australia will take 2 - 3 weeks as we select a balance of the fastest and cost-effective shipping offered. 

    If by chance your item has not arrived within 22 business days, please contact us so that we may assist you regarding the status of your order.


    "This amp is to be taken seriously! What a surprise, works like a charm. Been looking for something this size for a while but good sound quality is a MUST and this kicks ass." - Joe M, TheMusicGig Customer

    • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Does this amp have a overdrive option?

    Yes! On the main switch you have 2 channels which is a clean channel and a boosted channel if you want a more aggressive sound.

    Q: How much does this amp weigh?

    You will be surprised to find out this mini amp only weighs 323 grams! Chances are that it weighs less than your phone!

    Q: Are batteries included?

    Batteries are not included with this amp and much be purchased separately. Note that TheMusicGig does not stock 9V batteries and will most likely need to be purchased at your local store.

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