TheMusicGig Distracted Guitar Mug
TheMusicGig Distracted Guitar MugTheMusicGig Distracted Guitar MugTheMusicGig Distracted Guitar MugTheMusicGig Distracted Guitar MugTheMusicGig Distracted Guitar Mug
Are you a guitar lover who wants to connect with their guitar on another level? Then check out this awesome mug. This mug defines most passionate guitar players that can't help but think of some guitar related thought.

People think you are listening to them when they're talking but what you are really thinking of is some awesome lick that you will forget 30 seconds later, to be lost in the abyss forever.


Enjoy your coffee or tea in a new fashion. This cup comes in white color, exactly as you can see on the image itself. Do you have a musician friend or someone who lives and breathes guitar? This would be the perfect gift for them.


No matter where it's for fathers day or for someone's birthday it will go well with every occasion.


Additionally, comes with a free spoon!

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Perfect Gift For Guitar & Music Lovers

Looking to buy your friend or someone you know a present but aren't sure what to buy? This mug would make a perfect gift and will give someone a laugh!

Free Spoon

Every mug that you purchase comes with a free love heart shaped spoon that you can use to stir your beverages.

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