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The Guitar Foot Stool


Classical guitar training requires that a guitar players right leg is slightly higher than the left, that's where this stool comes into play. Do you own a Gibson style guitar and it's unplayable because when you go to play it you can't because of the 90 degree angle that it sits on? This foot stool is your ultimate solution.

The Benefits of A Guitar Foot Stool

Eliminate leg cramps

One pain that some guitarists have is leg cramps from having to constantly adjust their sitting position because they are not comfortable. Their leg is elevated incorrectly, thus causing pain.

It's important to have correct posture especially for the long-term, it's like a drummer who plays drums with a hunch-back. In the long-term they will injure themselves and have back problems.


Make it easier to play

When your guitar is at a 90 degree angle it makes it much harder to play because you don't have as much upper fret access. If you want to do long stretches you can't unless the guitar is tilted upwards, and that is exactly what this guitar foot stool does.


Perform anytime and anywhere

If you are a busker or alike, you want to be equipped at all times and if you sit down when you're busking then you want to make sure you are comfortable for the next few hours. 

This guitar foot stool is light and is very portable to be carried anywhere. Weighing at only 535 grams.



  • Designed for all guitar players
  • Adjustable Height: 10.5cm, 17.5cm, 21.8cm, 26cm
  • Rotation Range: 0 Degree ~180 Degree
  • Item Size(Folded): 29.5 * 10.4 * 1.7cm
  • Item Weight: 535g

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