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As a new guitarist, I couldn't bend the 'E' string to save my ass, but this surprisingly made a huge difference. 

- Romero D, TheMusicGig Customer


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Maximize the strength in your hand and achieve your true potential. Eliminate sloppy bends by increasing the dexterity in your fingers. Dramatically improve your vibrato with only five minutes a day of practice by pressing on the device's buttons.

The Flanger's ergonomic design and variable tension provides customized conditioning for individual fingers, the entire hand, wrist, and forearm. The reversible molded grip even uncovers simulated strings to help develop and maintain finger calluses when you are away from your instrument.

There are some amazing benefits that you will get with finger and hand exerciser. Not only will you have your own mini gym at your fingertips but you will also receive the following: 

Get A Grip Of Your Neck – No matter how tightly you hold your guitar neck, it is all too easy to lose control out of nowhere. Holding the neck doesn’t have much to do with it actually. 

The problem is in your fingers.haven’t conditioned your fingers properly and you will always lose control unless you do the right exercises. 

Shake Your Guitar Strings To Another Dimension - If you have bad vibrato, everyone will notice even non-guitar players. As part of your signature sound, you must define your sound in every area, this includes your vibrato. 

5 minutes of practice a day you can expect that your vibrato sounds miles better than that of other guitar players. The cause of poor vibrato is not using the right practice methods. 

Turn The Unreliable Into The Reliable– Most guitar players avoid using their pinky, don’t let this be you. You are making a huge mistake if you’re not utilizing this finger.It's understandable why you never use it, it always manages to let you down and you can’t seem to make a good sound out of it. 

But from here on out, you can expect your pinky to be as strong as your other fingers, before doing any of the exercises.  

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The Product Itself!

Bad vibrato is the enemy of many guitar players, but with 5 minutes of fun and effortless practice you to can develop world-class bending.

Exercises such as practicing on an acoustic guitar are not relaxing, and are harder to do, but if you like to be a multi-tasker then this tool

is perfect for you. Effortlessly practice while holding a smart phone in your hand.

Get A Grip Of Your Neck And Never Lose Control Again

There is nothing more frustrating and annoying than losing control while you are playing. It ruins the fun and makes your mistakes really 

stick out because your open strings are much louder than the ones you just played. With our finger strength maximizer, you can say goodbye to that frustration forever!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take before before I notice results?
That really depends on how much time you put in. You don't need to invest hours and hours of practice, but if you can squeeze in 5 minutes
a day you can expect to see results after a week or so. Everyone's fingers are different so it might take longer or shorter to strengthen.

2. Will my pinky be of actual use once I start exercising with this tool?
Absolutely! That's part of the reason this entire tool was designed to help guitarists like yourself have confidence again in your pinky.
Lots of guitar players rely on their ring finger to get amazing bends, but thanks to this tool, those days are long gone.

3. Can I expect this tool to last for long periods without breaking?
Yep. The mechanisms were made from high quality materials, as well as the casing of instrument to make sure you don't have to buy
another one. You can expect years of usage.

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