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Are you a guitarholic who wants to connect with their guitar on another level? Then check out this awesome mug. This mug defines most passionate guitar players and this is the cycle that they usually go through.


Legends across the globe that you know had engaged in the same process. They would get their normal night of sleep and then wake up only to spend the entire day mastering their craft.


Enjoy your coffee or tea in a new fashion. This cup comes in white colour, exactly as you can see on the image itself. Do you have a musician friend or someone who lives and breathes guitar? This would be the perfect gift for them.


No matter where it's for fathers day or for someone's birthday it will go well with every occasion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the mug come in any other colours?
At this point in time the mug is only available in the white colour, but we may expand to other colours in future depending on demand.

2. What material is the mug?
The mug is made of 100% white ceramic.

3. Is the mug printed on one side or both sides?
The mug is printed on both sides. What you see in the image is exactly the same on the opposite side of the mug

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