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Are you looking for a cheap way to maintain your guitar and avoid thousands of dollars in guitar luthier costs? As you know, guitar luthiers will charge you $120 dollars just for a simple guitar setup but this doesn't have to be the case.


In fact, setting up your guitar shouldn't even cost half of that. That's why the TheMusicGig team have designed an all-in-one guitar DIY maintenance system to save you time and money


Whether you want to file your frets, cut your old guitar string and put on new ones, this set has it all. If you call yourself a serious guitar player then it is critical that you maintain your instrument for performance.



Material: Metal

Quantity: 14 Pieces in total



What you will receive:

10x Guitar Needle File

1x String Action Ruler

1x Guitar String Winding Machine

1x Guitar Pliers

1x Guitar Truss Rod Allen Wrench

1x Rag

1x Storage Bag

Money That You Can Expect To Save
It's well known within the guitar world that you will pay a substantial amount of money for minor repairs. Here are the following repairs or tasks that guitarists will usually pay for that they don't have to:

*Setup On A Guitar: $120 - This is what it usually costs for a standard guitar setup. This includes remove the strings, putting on new ones, cleaning it, and adjusting the truss rod. 

All of this work is roughly 35 minutes all up and it's very simple to do.

*Removing Fret Buzz: $800 - To pay a professional to condition your entire fretboard could cost you more than a guitar, but it's quite an unnecessary expenditure considering that it's work that you can do yourself.

For that price you could buy another guitar that doesn't have problems!

* Truss Rod Adjustment: $140 - Too many individuals are afraid of turning their truss rod in fear that they will snap it. In order for you to snap the truss rod you have to REALLY turn it with a lot of force.

This is nothing to be afraid of and definitely not something that you should pay someone for. It's a simple left turn or right turn, just do it slowly and you will be just fine.

Add all of this up and that's $1060! You can buy some seriously good equipment for that kind of money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why purchase a kit over a luthier?
You have 2 choices when it comes to guitar repair and that's to repair it yourself or get someone to do it for you. Both have their advantages
and disadvantages but 90% of the work that you need to be done you can do it yourself. Are you looking to file your frets down, change your strings, or even file your nut down? This is all easy work that you can do yourself instead of hiring a luthier to do a 30-minute job for 200 dollars.

2. How many pieces will I receive in this kit all together?
You will receive exactly 16 pieces all together. You will get 10 various guitar files for different applications, a string action ruler to measure the action of your strings, peg winder to quickly wind or unwind your strings, guitar pliers to rapidly remove old strings, an allen wrench to adjust your truss rod, one rag for cleaning, and one storage bag to keep everything together.

3. Can I expect this kit to last for long periods without breaking?
Yep! Each tool that you get in toolkit was made to last longer so you don't have to be replacing individual tools. Keep in mind that with the thinnest fret file it can be more prone to breaking as it's the thinnest of the lot. We try out hardest to combine quality with cost so you can get quality items at a fair price.

4. What else can I expect from this kit?
That is pretty much it for the kit itself, but one awesome bonus that you will get from this kit is that once you learn how to make your own repairs you can start charging for your work. A cool little side gig!

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