The Best Way To Learn Guitar Online For Free

best way to learn guitar online free

Looking for the best way to learn guitar online for free? In this guide, you will learn not only the best way to learn but also how to set goals on guitar and accomplish them. Learning guitar on your own can be tough, but it is doable. There is no substitute for a teacher, but if you can’t afford one then I’ll show you the best to learn guitar online for free.

 how to set goals on guitar

The best way to learn guitar online is to first establish your goals. It’s very common in the guitar world to noodle around for years and not make any progress. That’s why it is important to set goals, so you are constantly improving. To set your goals on the guitar you first have to be specific. What EXACTLY is it that you want to achieve?

You could say that “I want to become a guitar shredder.” This is quite vague though. Sure, you could emulate another guitar player and play at the speed that they are playing but in order to achieve a certain speed, you have to be specific. For example, a good goal would be, “I want to be able to play at 200bpm without any mistakes.”

There are many ways to learn guitar online, there are so many resources but this is also a bad thing. It is VERY easy to get confused about what to do, what path to take. One trick that you will find very handy is to focus on one thing at a time. If you have a goal you will need to break it down.

If you want to become a great improviser like Marty Friedman, there are several things that you need to learn, this includes:

·        Playing the right notes

·        Having good phrasing

·        Keep up with chord changes

·        Break out of scale shapes

·        Have the ability to arpeggiate chords

·        Play what you hear in your head

·        Extensive ear training

This is a ton of stuff! Certainly, very overwhelming. Finding out what you need to learn can be tricky, but once you find out what you need to learn only focus on one thing. Try putting the things that you need to learn in the most logical order. For example, the bullet points listed above you might be thinking “Which one do I learn first?”, start with what you think is the easiest and most logical first step.

Some of these you can learn together and it will not cause you confusion. You can do extensive ear training as part of your regular practice, and then you could focus on having good phrasing. If you decide for example to focus on having good phrasing then ONLY focus on that. Don’t worry about what key you are in, what notes you are playing, what tempo the song is, what the next chord is, FORGET all of that.

Just focus on your phrasing and keep practicing until you are happy with it, and then you can move onto something else like playing the right notes on the fretboard. Then repeat the process with the rest. As you practice one item at a time, and you become decent. You can start bringing all the pieces of the puzzle together so you can create a great piece of improvisation.

So, in a summary, set goals and focus on one aspect of that goal at a time until you are a stage where you feel like you can move onto the next thing. That’s just one way of the best ways to learn guitar online.


best way to learn guitar online free


Another great way to learn guitar is to listen to other musicians and learn their stuff. By listening to other musicians, you will start to draw influences from them that will start to build your unique guitar sound. You may have noticed that most guitar players draw their guitar licks from other guitar players, they just change it up slightly.

If you listen to Kirk Hammett from Metallica you will see that most of the solos that he plays derived from the classic blues / pentatonic guitar lick. In order to stand out on guitar, it’s a great idea to learn licks and make them your own. Make what is called “Motifs”. A motif is just a short section of music, like a phrase or a lick. Change up what you know already, and add a few extra notes or remove some.

Creating motifs is a great way to improve your phrasing and will make you a better musician overall. It’s very simple, just get a backing track and play a lick that you like and start making different variations of it. If you are getting bored with your solos sounding the same, it is because you don’t know enough licks and different variations of them. Solve that problem now by simply changing things up!

As mentioned above, I said to become a great improviser you need to have good phrasing. If you were to ask yourself, “How can I improve my phrasing?” This is your answer. There are other ways of course but don’t overload yourself with too many ideas otherwise you will just end up in an analysis-paralysis phrase where you make no progress.


The best way to learn guitar online for free is also to not think that you have to buy expensive courses in order to get anywhere. The only way you will learn anything is to just go out and do it. Too many guitar players get stuck reading books, watching courses, etc. Eventually, you just need to go out and do whatever it is that you want to learn. Think about all the things that you have learned in life, like swimming. Did you learn to swim by reading 50 books beforehand or did you just jump in the water and do it?

Another issue you may face as a guitar player is that you will get conflicting views. One guitar player will say to do this and another will say to do that. My suggestion in this situation is to make up your own mind, do what you think is most logical. Remember people who give advice, give out the advice that helped them for THEIR scenario so they might automatically assume that it will work for you as well.

The truth is that sometimes there is no right or wrong answer. Some will argue that you should sweep the last note of a descending arpeggio with an upstroke but it really can be done both ways. Just do what you think makes the most sense and will give you the best result.


Those are my tips on the best ways to learn guitar online for free. How do you learn guitar?


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