Playing Electric Guitar Without A Pick | TheMusicGig

 Playing without a pick is quite common and a lot of big guitarists do this such as Zakk Wylde. People ask the common question of “Should I play with a pick or without one?” It doesn’t matter, it’s whatever suits you.


This is one of the first decisions that you will make when starting to learn the electric guitar.


Playing electric guitar without a pick or any type of guitar is a not bad thing or a bad habit, it’s simply a personal choice. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Playing electric guitar without a pick will make your tone sound warmer and not as crisp as if you were using a guitar pick.


Some guitarists mix it up by using their fingers and a guitar pick at the same time. You may find that using one or the other is more consistent than mixing it up, but do some trial and error and find out what works for you.


There are many reasons that you should invest in a guitar pick, there are just so many advantages and these include:


1. Your guitar playing will be faster

If you want to play the guitar fast, you don't need to use a guitar pick but it will make your playing much faster. The simple reason is that guitar picks have a sharper edge that your fingers (especially the JAZZ III guitar pick). When the edge of whatever object you decide to hit the guitar strings with is larger than it needs more time to pass the strings.

If your pick is as sharp as possible when it will need the minimal time to pass through.


2. Your Guitar Tone Will Sound Crisp

The great benefit of using a guitar pick is that your sound will sound much cleaner than not using one. Not every pick sounds the same though, it all depends on the material you use. 


There is no best material for guitar picks so to speak, you just need to go through a bunch to find what sound you like. 


Using a guitar pick comes with disadvantages of course and this includes the following:


1. You Will Lose It Forever

You may have heard of funny questions such as “Where does your guitar pick go when you drop it?” The answers vary from:


· Right where you dropped it

· Inside your guitar

· Into an alternate dimension never to be seen again


For some reason, the third seems to be true most of the time! No one knows why but when a guitar pick disappears, you won’t be able to find it. So, in a summary guitar picks tend to get lost time and time again no matter how well you place them, and having them stored in one spot requires quite some discipline.


2. Your Guitar Pick Will CONSTANTLY Fall

This is quite a problem for many guitarists, whilst playing the pick will just slip out of your hands. This can be quite inconvenient if you are playing at night time at a venue and you can’t see where it went.


There are solutions to combat this with guitar picks such as the Jim Dunlop Max Grip, but sometimes that doesn’t help. You can also buy guitar picks that strap to your fingers making it very difficult to fall off.


One of the great things about using your fingers is that they can’t fall off! You don’t have to think about gripping a pick or sweaty hands that usually cause a pick to fall.


That’s pretty much everything that you need to know about a pick vs your fingers. There is no right or wrong, just personal preference. Hopefully, this guide on playing the electric guitar without a pick was helpful.