How To Improve Your Guitar Playing: Practical Ideas

Guitar improvisation tips: How to really spice up your playing



If you want to spice up your guitar playing skills, regular practice is the only route to success. However, proper practice entails more than just taking the guitar and then tweaking it, and should instead be pre-planned.

Additionally, it should also comprise of elements such as technical works such as chord exercises or scales, easy-to-play stuff as well as a challenging material.

Therefore, you will no longer have a playing session that is so structured, consequently making it dull, but instead, one that makes you enjoy all your exercises, thereby making it feel even easier.

In this article, you will be taken through ways through which you can make improvise your guitar training sessions to make it more captivating. Subsequently, this will give you the much-needed inspiration to achieve your ambitions of becoming an admired guitar player.


Set micro-goals

guitar improvisation tips

Setting micro-goals applies to all parts of your guitar practice session and is an excellent way of bringing instant fulfilment to your training session. Having time-related objectives allows you to set a target which you will strive to attain through dedication and hard work.

Consequently, repeat this, and later aim to complete it faster in half a second, after which you write down the progress made. Moreover, when you next perform that exercise, try and outperform your previous record by another half-second.

Thanks to these types of challenges, you get to discover a convenient method through which you can measure your improvement whereas at the same time enjoying surpassing your previous performances.

Therefore, by sticking to micro-goals, you will have an easier time accomplishing the set objectives. You can then put in place this time-trial kind of game to achieve anything you want, such as playing a scale, playing a specific part of your song as well as playing the chord sequence.


Practice your guitar in front of the mirror 

guitar improvisation tips

Whereas this way of spicing up your guitar playing seems weird, it does have several benefits to your overall performance. You should thus occasionally practice in front of the mirror, and this allows you to see your sitting position.

Therefore, you should always capitalize on this opportunity to examine your posture and confirm that your sitting position is as it needs to be.

When playing on your own, the posture usually slips up because you cannot notice anything wrong you are doing, and there is no teacher to guide you during these training sessions.

However, the ability to see yourself helps improve your self-confidence as you get to imagine yourself on stage, imagining yourself to be in the audience and asses how good you are.

Practicing how to play your guitar in front of the mirror assists you in improving on your “guitar face,” which you typically put when trying to focus on your playing. Having an idea of how your guitar face looks is vital as it will help you feel more confident to play for your audience without worrying how it looks like.


Practice your guitar in different spots

Guitar improvisation tips  

Continually practicing your guitar in the same position makes things stale and can inhibit your creative process.

Therefore, you should instead aim to mix things up, for example, if you usually use a specific chair facing a particular direction, turn it around to face a different part of the room, or use a different chair.

Whereas your sitting position may not affect your physical interaction with the guitar, a different surrounding allows you to see things differently compared to when you are sitting in your usual spot.

This is because the acoustic feel of separate rooms typically differs hence making the sound produced by your guitar to feel completely different compared to that in the ordinary room.


Plan your practice routine 

Guitar improvisation tips

You should start planning your practice session if you haven’t done it. Doing this is usually necessary because the parts in your practice session that are less enjoyable are streamlined, plus the effect of all segments are maximized.

Additionally, you can seek advice from your coach or friend who is better skilled on how to make use of a practice planner to plan your schedule correctly. The most recommended approach would be to get a guitar teacher.

Ideally, you should first start with technical work, then the more challenging material and eventually playing materials which, you are familiar to. Fortunately, your coach best understands your interests as well as needs, and will subsequently advise you on how best to plan out your practice routine.



Guitar improvisation tips

Randomizing songs that you intend to play using your guitar is also another excellent guitar improvisation tip. Therefore, you should have all the songs which you know how to play on a playlist either on your MP3 player, iPod or computer and then shuffle them.

Consequently, play every new song that plays, and this technique is ideal if this mixture consists of several contrasting styles as it assists you to build many skills.


This guitar improvisation tip teaches you how to memorize your collection, hence allowing you to recall the technique of how to play instantly.

It is especially the case when trying to improvise a solo over the song since you will need to remember the song’s key, the arpeggios, licks, scales working over the cords, as well as the cords being played over.

Moreover, if you fail to remember a song that has already come up, do your best to work it out the best you can. Practicing this is great for your aural skills, as well as necessary to pick up to jog your memory.


Practice with a partner

guitar improvisation tips

It is advisable to practice music in a group or with someone else as it is a social activity. This is important as you can always learn something from your partner regardless of whether they are better than you or not.

Furthermore, you can discuss approaches to deal with different techniques, offer constructive criticism, go through exercises and scales together, and challenge each other to a good old fashioned guitar duel!



Having read through this article, you now have an idea of several techniques on how to spice up your practice routine. Therefore, you are in a much better position to improve your guitar playing skills and get to monetize it.