Guitar Practice Tips: How To Get The Most Out Of Practice Time

Guitar Practice Tips: How To Get The Most Out Of Practice Time



Most guitar players usually struggle to find the perfect way of optimizing the training sessions, thus often struggle to achieve optimal results.

Therefore, if you also struggle with the methods necessary to make your practice time more productive, you are in luck as in this article, you will be taken through everything that you need to incorporate in your guitar practice routine.

Consequently, implementing these techniques in all your training sections helps you to develop your guitar skills further hence become a skilled guitar player.


Always practice playing your guitar while standing up

Guitar Practice Tips

Are you planning to showcase your guitar skills on the stage? If so, then you need always to practice playing your guitar while standing up.

Most guitarists practice sitting down but this is a mistake because sitting down is a lot different to standing up, you will notice that your guitar will positioned differently and you might have trouble reaching certain frets.


Practice your guitar first thing in the morning 

Guitar Practice Tips

Playing your guitar is not only a physical exercise but also a mental one. Therefore, one vital guitar playing tip you need to consider is to start practicing first thing in the morning.

If you manage to integrate this into your morning routine successfully, you will be on your way to becoming a proficient guitar player.

There are two primary benefits of playing your guitar first thing in the morning and this include;

You can easily avoid procrastination. Let's face it, no one likes to practice scales up and down the neck so it's really easy to try and avoid it by having your practice schedule later in the day.

As the old saying goes "Eat the frogs the first thing in the morning". Just get it over and done with, in order words.

If your guitar’s volume is what prevents you from practicing on early mornings, you should consider buying a cheap mini amplifier that has a port for a headphone to be inserted.

Additionally, various guitar amps feature headphone outputs, and these may work perfectly well with you. Guitar software is also another ideal option.

Therefore, whatever you decide, make sure if you are practicing on an electric guitar that you use an amp so you can hear your mistakes.


Practice a single technique at a time 

Guitar Practice Tips

Playing the guitar involves a mixture of numerous methods mixed, with some of these styles used together.

Thus, you might end up placing emphasis on specific techniques whereas overlooking others, thereby leading to disappointment when it is time to combine all of them.

The best method of approaching these numerous techniques as you practice your guitar is by concentrating on each method separately.

However, this musically might seem somewhat redundant as you do not want to listen to the pull-offs and hammer-ons for 30 minutes.

Moreover, there are certain styles, such as barre-chord changes and string bending, which may cause your hand fatigue after playing for a prolonged duration.

You should also break up this practice routine into short intervals, that is, two to five minutes for every technique.

This guitar practice tip is also advisable if you are having difficulties learning how to play a particular component of your guitar best.

All you will be required to do is identify the technique to use, isolate it, and then rehearse until you get to perfect it. Consequently, combine all these different techniques and get to assess the progress you have made.

Furthermore, in case you are having any issue trying to break up your guitar practice routine, read guitar practice books such as Guitar Aerobics by Troy Nelson. Going forward, you will learn how best to focus on one technique every time you are practicing for all the days that you are practicing.  


Practice your guitar in increments of 30 minutes 

Whereas spending a countless number of hours trying to perfect your guitar playing technique improves your skill, you should also regulate the number of hours you set aside to do this.

Instead, you should dedicate specific periods within your day to practicing your guitar, and the perfect balance is 30 minutes a time.

Furthermore, the mental-dedication factor that practicing in increments of 30 minutes allows you to split up your practice schedule into small bits throughout the entire day, thereby increase your time with the instrument.

Subsequently, you will not struggle to set aside 30 minutes to practice playing your guitar in comparison to having to play it for one or two hours straight.

You will find as you become more experienced you won't need to practice as much in the sense that you will find it much easier to play more complex ideas, thus greatly reduce your practice time.

Always remember the old saying which is, the more you put in the more you get out.


Set realistic expectations for all your practice sessions 

Guitar Practice Tips

One of the most important guitar practice tips is to set realistic expectations. Experienced guitarists were one day a novice, but through hard work and patience got to reach incredible heights.

Therefore, to get the most out of every practice session, you should always set reasonable expectations.

By doing this, you relieve yourself of unnecessary pressures to impress and without knowing gradually start perfecting your guitar playing skills.

Whereas some people might find this guitar practice tip somewhat too philosophical, it's crucial if you want to be successful.

Additionally, you can only progress if you accept your present shortcomings and know the things you can do to improve hence allowing yourself adequate time to refine your guitar skills.

Therefore, you must never feel discouraged in case your guitar playing skills are not at par just yet, and should instead focus on practicing more.



If you are a passionate guitar player, you must always have wanted to know of the best ways to optimize your practice session. You should now have an idea of what steps you need to take to become an accomplished and satisfied guitar player.

Consequently, you will realize that practice makes perfect after you get much praise for your incredible talent.