Easy Rock Guitar Songs: Songs That You Can Learn And Master Today

Easy Rock Guitar Songs: Songs That You Can Learn And Master Today



Have you just recently learnt how to play the guitar? If so, you then most likely are eager to know of easy rock guitar songs that you can play along to especially if you are a fan of the music genre.

In this article, you will be taken through numerous rock songs that you can learn and perfect in a day. Consequently, you get not only to enjoy yourself but also develop your guitar skills even further, thereby assisting you to attain your goals faster.

Therefore, here are some of the rock songs that you need to start practising and will be able to master and learn today. 


Creedence Clearwater Revival – “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” 

easy rock guitar songs

This is one of the many classic rock songs written by John Fogerty, and the chords you should learn to best master this song are C, G, Em, Am, F. Forgety wrote this song to highlight the tensions within their band and the looming split.

This was contrary to the interpretation of most people who thought of it to be an anti-war song as it was created while the Vietnam war was ongoing. 


Deep Purple – “Smoke On The Water” 

easy rock guitar songs

If you want an easy time as you perfect your guitar playing skills, then this is one of the easy rock songs that should start with practising as you need only to learn four chords.

Therefore, it is no surprise why the late Dimebag Darryl referred to it as “the ultimate simple tune” back in 1993, stating it was the first song he learnt how to play. However, despite being simple to learn as well as only incorporating three notes, it still manages to be a killer track. 


The Animals – “House of the Rising Sun” 

easy rock guitar songs

This is also another rock song that you learn and master today with little effort. The essential chords you should learn to play this track are C, F, Am, E7, F and it occasionally is referred to as the “Rising Sun Blues.”

Additionally, this song traces its origin as a traditional folk number way back in the 1800s, but then it was made famous by The Animal as a rock hit who recorded it in a single take. 


America – “Lonely People”

easy rock guitar songs

To learn this song, you need to learn five chords, that is, D, G, Bm, Em, Am. Whereas learning five chords might appear somewhat complicated, you will not regret as you will never fail to please anyone listening anytime you play this tune. 


Led Zeppelin – “Whole Lotta Love” 

easy rock guitar songs

This song incorporates a catchy and timeless riff which also acts as the hook and is another of the easy rock guitar songs you need to consider. Its popularity was so immense when it was released back in 1970 and turned many listeners to guitar enthusiasts.

Additionally, you do not have to know how to play fast since the opening riff can be learnt in a couple of minutes. 




Rex – “Bang a Gong (Get It On)” 

When this rock song hit the airwave in the ’70s, it became an immediate hit with Marc Bolan the integral figure in T. Rex.

Furthermore, the riff of this song has been an inspiration to many famous guitarists such as Oasis, and this is enough proof of the remarkable influence it had.

After learning the notes of this song, you should focus solely on the song’s overall feel and then attempt to duplicate every subtlety in tone and dynamics. 


Link Wray – “Rumble” 

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This rock ‘n’ roll hit got its inspiration from Jimmy Page as he made his way into fame. Additionally, you should pay close attention to making sure everything is just right, and this is evidenced by every strum in the song being played somewhat differently from the previous.

Because of the different speed of the strums with some strummed slowly, whereas others are fast, the song’s attitude is further enhanced. 


The Rolling Stones – “(I can’t get no) Satisfaction

 easy rock guitar songs

Incorporated into this song is possibly one of the simplest riffs you can find in any rock song, thereby making it undoubtedly one of the easy rock guitar songs you should start playing.

Moreover, not only is this track simple to plat, but it also features a killer sound, with Keith Richards supposedly stating he located this riff in one of his previous recordings. 


Cream – “Sunshine of Your Love” 

easy rock guitar songs

This track features arguably one of the most standout riffs ever and learning it should be something that fascinates you. In addition to this riff being captivating, it is also easy to learn, and you can expand it into a complete song that incorporates your ideas. 


Survivor – “Eye of the Tiger” 

easy rock guitar songs

If you are looking to learn how to play the tremolo picking, then look no further as this is one of the easy rock guitar songs that you should start with as you can repeatedly select one note up and down.

Furthermore, make sure your hands are relaxed, and the chord’s accents are the reason why this song’s riff is appealing, so your timing needs to be perfect.  


The Killers – “All These Things That I’ve Done.” 

easy rock guitar songs

This song incorporates a riff that is a significant arpeggio, meaning it features notes of the main cord that is being played separately instead of all at once.

When looking to play this song, pay close attention to its dynamics, that is, the sections that are quieter or louder. 


Foo Fighters – “My Hero” 

easy rock guitar songs

The vocal and drum features in this song are exceptional. Nevertheless, the guitar parts should not be ignored as evidenced by its intro having a high E string being played open, whereas the B strings notes are varied.

Consequently, this creates an interesting and subtle effect that will further draw your attention. 


Black Sabbath – “Paranoid” 

easy rock guitar songs

This is one of Black Sabbath’s best hits, and you have to listen to its intro to realize the fantastic work they did on this song.

When practising how to play it on your guitar, the only challenging part will be the solo, but even this with continued practice becomes easier. Therefore, try out the solo once you feel you are ready, and this is something that you can learn in one day. 


AC/DC – “Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap)"

easy rock guitar songs

Integrated into this song are simple chords that have been combined simply to create cool riffs.

With this song, you are not required to play anything sophisticated to create an outstanding sound, with a simplicity frequently the better way to go. Consequently, your listeners will be able to follow what you are playing with ease. 



Having read through the article, you now have an idea of the easy rock guitar songs that you can learn and master in a day. Therefore, do not wait any longer, grab your guitar and start to practice these simple to understand rock songs.

Consequently, you will notice a significant improvement in your guitar playing skills if you remain determined and persistent.