4 Chord Guitar Songs: Easy Songs That You Can Learn Within Minutes

4 Chord Guitar Songs: Easy Songs That You Can Learn Within Minutes


If you are eager to learn how to play the guitar, then you will be happy to know that all you need to do is first learn a few chords. Consequently, you will be able to play many of your favourite songs.

In this article, you will be taken through a list of some of the most popular 4 chord guitar songs that you should start practising as you try and perfect your guitar playing skills.

Moreover, you can learn how to play these songs in a couple of minutes, so you just need to keep an open mind, and you will have a smooth experience.

Therefore, read through this article and get to know the various songs that famous musicians across the world have produced while only playing 4 chords and made millions as a result.

 Which are the four essential chords you should learn as a novice guitar player? 

When first learning how to play the guitar, you most likely are filled with worry whether you will get to learn all the chords which sometimes look similar to physics equation.

Fortunately, this is not the case because the four essential chords you need to learn are the I, IV, V as well as vi. For instance, the I, IV, V vi chords you will find in the C Major ley are;

  • I – C chords
  • IV – F chord
  • V – G chord
  • vi – A minor chord

Additionally, all the different keys allow you to make numerous chord progressions by making use of the I, IV, V and vi chords. The various guitar chords you will find across the different guitar chords in all keys are;

D, G, A, Bm

G, C, D, Em

C, F, G, Am

B, E, F#, G#m

F, Bb, C, Dm

Db, Gb, Ab, Bbm

Gb, Cb, Db, Eb

Ab, Db, Eb, Fm

Bb, Eb, F, Gm

E, A, B, C#m

A, D, E, F#m

Eb, Ab, Eb, Fm

Five simple steps to learning how to play 4 chord guitar songs 

For you to learn how to play 4 chord guitar songs, you need to stick to a tried and tested methods as this is a sure way to guarantee you quickly learn what is expected of you. Moreover, people possess different individual skills, so the learning curve typically varies.

However, by following these tips, it will only take you a few minutes to learn how to play a song using your guitar. Therefore, here is the 5-step system that you should stick to, which guarantees you learn to play your guitar within minutes.


Step 1: Listen

Before you start practising how to play any 4 chord guitar song, you first need to listen to familiarize yourself with it carefully. While doing so, you can note down the song’s structure as well as anything else that you perceive to be unique.

Furthermore, listen to both the live and studio versions and any other cover you can get your hands on to have a clear picture of all the details being passed across by the song.

Consequently, you should either write down or print your lyrics to ensure you are 100% familiar with the song’s structure.

While doing this, keep an eye out for any tricky bits incorporated into the songs that might pose a challenge later on, such as rhythmic pattern and technique changes.

Nevertheless, these challenges rarely manifest when you are going through the learning phase, but it would not hurt to understand them anyway.

You can also choose to either hum or sing to both the non-recorded and recorded versions of the songs, and this usually includes solos and riffs.

All this will act as your blueprint or template with this very crucial as it will give you the added benefit of speeding up the learning the process.

This is because it engages both your mental as well as physical skills necessary to help you achieve your objective.


Step 2: The chords

This vital step entails learning and understanding the chords as well as when and what you need to play.

To do this, you can make use of both offline and online resources and subsequently write down the chords either in text or diagrammatical format of the 4-chord guitar song you want to practice.

Moreover, if you own a printed-off structure, you should incorporate the cords over the appropriate lyrics, thus allowing you to know when the changes happen.

Find the metronome and set it at a speed that is about one half the original song’s tempo. Consequently, go ahead and play every chord in isolation, while simultaneously making sure it is not only accurate but also rings out clearly.

After that, timely strum every chord with the metronome as you make use of;

  • Upstrokes
  • Downstrokes  
  • Consecutive Downstrokes and upstrokes


Once you understand this, you should go ahead and start to practice how to change between chords within the song. While doing this, you need not have any concerns about the rhythm at the moment.

You should instead focus on changing between the different chords in the song as you confirm you only are playing the correct strings.


Step 3: The Rhythm, Solos and Riffs

You now have an idea of how to play the chords as well as how to change between them according to the song’s structure.

In this step, therefore, your sole focus should be on learning the song’s more technical attributes. Additionally, because you will be more acquainted to the song by now, you should then go ahead and start integrating rhythm patterns, solos and riffs.   


Step 4: Put everything together

This step entails the visualization of the different components in the song and what is expected from each hand. At first, play along with the song as you master the strumming patterns or chord fingering while the metronome is running at the appropriate speed.

Subsequently, practice playing the 4 chord guitar songs without the metronome to verify that both accuracy and fluidity is achieved while transitioning between the parts. Usually, at this stage, timing and speed are not very crucial.

You then can flow with the metronome, playing at speed slower in comparison to the original song and sticking to a tempo that you find comfortable. Once you become less error-prone and are more comfort

table, you can then advance to between 80% to 90% of the song’s original speed.


Step 5: The complete version

This last step has three main stages, that is,

  • Identifying the song’s feel, that is shad and light as well as how different methods are used, and then incorporate this. Likewise, you can also integrate other personal embellishments, but do not sway far away from the original song.
  • Play the 4 chord guitar songs at full speed with the metronome.
  • Play your guitar along with the original song at normal speed.  


List of 4 chord guitar songs that you can learn in minutes

Crazy For You: C, D, Em, G – Adele

The Winner Takes It All: A, Bm, D, Em – Abba

Sick Little Games: A, Bm, D, G – All Time Low

Distance And Time: Am, C, F, G – Alicia Keys

Love Yourself: Am, C, F, G – Justin Bieber

Nutshell: C, D, Em, G – Alice In Chains

Push: Am, C, D, G – Avril Lavigne  

Hand In My Pocket – C, D, F, G – Alanis Morissette

Thrash Unreal: A#, C, Dm, F – Against Me

Be with you: C, D, Em, G – Akon

Hometown Glory: Am, C, Em, F – Adele

Turn The Page: A, C, D, Em – Bob Seger

Summertime: C, D, Em, G – Bon Jovi

This Is The Life: Am, C, Em, F – Amy Macdonald

Beat Of The Music: C, D, Em, G – Brett Eldredge

The Diary of Jane: Am, C, F, G – Breaking Benjamin

You Don’t Know Her Like I Do: Am, C, F, G – Brantley Gilbert

Everybody hurts: C, D, Em, G – Avril Lavigne

Whiskey Lullaby: A, Bm, D, G – Brad Paisley

No woman no cry: Am, C, F, G – Bob Marley

If I Were A Boy: A#, C, Dm, F – Beyonce

Don’t Tell Me That It’s Over: A#, C, Dm, F – Amy Macdonald

Pompei: C, D, Em, G – Bastille

Sangaria: C, D, Em, G – Blake Shelton

Of The Night: Am, C, D, G – Bastille

Yellow: B, E, F#, F#m – Coldplay

Queen of The 21st century: C, D, F, G – Bad Religion

Remember me: Am, C, F, G – Avril Lavigne

Two Weeks Late: A, B, E, F# - Ashley Monroe

The Way: C, D, Em, G – Ariana Grande

Sweet Buy Psycho: Am, C, F, G – Ava Max

Complicated: A#, C, Dm, F – Avril Lavigne

Halo: Am, C, Em, G – Beyonce

Goodbye Earle: Am, C, F, G – Dixie Chicks

Lost: C, D, Em, G – Coldplay She’s So High: A, C, D, Em – Blur

Maria: A, D, E, F#m – Blondie

Fortunate Sone: C, D, F, G – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Dammit: Am, C, F, G – Blink 182

Honey Bee: Am, C, F, G – Blake Shelton

Hymn for The Weekend: Am, Dm, F, G – Coldplay

Have You Ever Seen the Rain: Am, C, F, G – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Rebel Rebel: A, Bm, D, E – David Bowie

Get Lucky: Am, C, D, Em – Daft Punk

Not Ready To Make Nice: A#, C, Dm, F – Dixie Chicks

Rainbow In The Dark: Am, E, F, G – Dio

 Cake By The Ocean: Am, Bm, C, Em – DNCE

Shape of you: Am, Dm, F, G – Ed Sheeran

Jolene: Am, C, Em, G – Dolly Parton

Toothbrush: C, D, Em, G – DNCE

Long Train Running: Am, B, C, Em – Dobbie Brothers

Are you still having fun: Am, C, D, Em – Eagle Eye Cherry

Mercy: C, D, F, G – Duffy

Perfect: C, D, Em, G – Ed Sheeran

Burn: Am, C, F, G – Ellie Goulding

Jailhouse: A, B, D#, E – Elvis Presley

Lights: Am, C, D, Em – Ellie Goulding

Photograph: Am, C, F, G – Ed Sheeran

Not Afraid: Am, C, F, G – Eminem

Give Me Back My Hometown: Am, C, F, G – Eric Church

Drink in My Hand: Am, C, F, G – Eric Church

Pumped Up Kicks: A, D, Em, G – Foster The People

Resolve: A, D, Em, G – Foo Fighters

 Next Year: A, C, D, G – Foo Fighters

Whistle: Am, C, F, G – Flo Rida  

American Boy: Am, C, D, E – Estelle

Wonderful Tonight: C, D, Em, G – Eric Clapton

Demons: Am, C, F, G – Imagine Dragons

No Substitute Love: C, Dm, Em, F – Estelle

1234: Am, C, F, G – Feist

I hate you I love you: A#, Am, C, Dm – Gnash

Hey Jealousy: C, D, Em, G – Gin Blossoms

Time of Your Life: C, D, Em, G – Green Day

Let Her Cry: C, D, Em, G – Hootie and The Blowfish

The Wire: A, Bm, D, G – Haim

Collide: C, D, Em, G – Howie Day

River deep – mountain high: A, D, E, G – Ike and Tina Turner

Radioactive: Am, C, D, G – Imagine Dragons

Replay: A, D, E, F#m – Iyaz

Love Interruption: A, D, E, G – Jack White

I Won’t Let You Go: Am, C, F, G – James Morrison

Trumpets: C, D, Em, G – Jason Derulo

Take A Little Ride: A, D, E, G – Jason Aldean

No Air: Am, C, F, G – Jordin Sparks

Love Me Again: A, Bm, Em, G – John Newman

XO: Am, C, F, G – John Mayer

Save Room: Am, Bm, C, G – John Legend

Die In Your Arms: Am, D, Em, G – Justin Bieber

Perfectly Clear: C, D, Em, G – Jewel

Price Tag: A#, Am, Dm, F – Jessie J

Do You Remember: Am, C, D, G – Jay Sean

Right To Be Wrong: A, Bm, D, G – Joss Stone

Love Me: Am, C, F, G – Justin Bieber

Fireworks: Am, C, Em, G – Katy Perry

Wide Awake: A, D, Em, G – Katy Perry

Die Young: A, Bm, D, G – Kesha

Sorry: Am, Dm, F, G – Justine Bieber

Heaven: C, D, Em, G – Kane Brown

Not A Bad Thing: C, D, Em, G – Justin Timberlake

Picture: C, D, Em, G – Kid Rock

I Run to You: A, D, Em, G – Lady Antebellum

Million Reasons: Am, C, F, G – Lady Gaga

Team: A#, C, Dm, F – Lorde

Castle of Glass: Am, C, F, G – Linkin Park

Bleeding Love: A#, C, Dm, F – Leona Lewis

In The End: C, D, Em, G – Linkin Park

Dyer Maker: Am, C, F, G – Led Zeppelin

Poker face: C, D, Em, G – Lady Gaga

Million Reasons: Am, C, F, G – Lady Gaga

Heal: Am, Em, F, G – Loreen

Rue: Am, C, F, G – Magic

Down Under: Am, C, F, G – Men At Work

This is it: C, D, F, G – Michael Jackson

I Took A Pill In Ibiza: C, D, Em, G – Mike Posner


If you are passionate about learning how to play the guitar, you now know numerous 4 chord guitar songs that you can learn within minutes.

Therefore, you need not wait for any further to start practising, and soon you be able to perfect your skills through determination and hard work.

Consequently, you will be able to play along with your favourite songs, with this an experience you will live to relish every day.